The Miracles of santo fico

Love and Miracles have a mind of their own

Director's vision

When I first read the book The MIRACLES OF SANTO FICO, not only did I clearly see the movie and know exactly how I wanted to share this uplifting and unique story, but also the heart at the core of MIRACLES transported me to when I first saw CINEMA PARADISO.

Emotionally, MIRACLES resonated with me as well. Leo and Marta’s compelling story of tragic, ill-timed love mirrored my grandmother’s story. It took over 70 years for her “Leo” to express his love.


Saturated vibrant warm color palette with red as an accent color around love and white around miracles.

Composition and framing

All of the characters have unfulfilled lives and are searching for that missing piece that will make them feel complete. We'll embrace this with negative space composition, the use of frames-within-frames to create isolation and reflection shots.

The golden light, breathtaking scenery, the buildings, streets and alleyways of Santo Fico will be used to help the audience become part of the characters' journey to self-discovery, and the miracles that do indeed exist if we only choose to look.