The Miracles of santo fico

Love and Miracles have a mind of their own



A character in its own right, the seaside village of Santo Fico clings to the hillside, like a desperate man clings to the edge of a cliff, fighting gravity and fate for survival. The small village consists of a few shops, an Albergo (hotel), a small Catholic church with a walled garden to the side, and a large, ancient non-functioning fountain at its center. The texture of aging stone and stucco, cobblestone streets, the nostalgic feeling of old Europe, and a whimsical quirkiness that matches its residents provides the opportunity to include the unexpected in the background, adding to the overall seductive charm of the film.

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The old village church is the home of Santo Fico's claim to fame, two miracles - a massive old fig tree that was once the site of a visit from St. Francis and miraculous healings, and a renaissance fresco depicting the scene.  The old fig tree, located in the church's walled garden, purportedly died the same day as St. Francis, many hundreds of years before our story, and is preserved by layer upon layer of varnish leaving it with an eerie sheen.  Within the neglected shabbiness of the church is the fresco of astonishing beauty that may have been painted at divine request by the great artist, Giotto and therefore worth a fortune.


The once lovely home and working farm, Villa de Pizzola, is suffering from years of neglect, but the views from every portion of the estate are more stunning than postcards. Rather than take on the huge task of making the villa hospitable, Leo chooses to stay in a small hut on the property, spending the hot summer nights sleeping on the ground outside the hut, beneath the star-filled sky.

marta's albergo & cafe

Home to Marta Fortino and her two daughters, the Albergo di Santo Fico is an old structure a few stories high with rooms for maybe 20 guests in tight quarters, a small lobby, dining room and kitchen. Despite its obvious age, it is sparkling clean, warm and inviting. It is a place that embraces the stranger as if he was family.

Country and seaside

The Miracles of Santo Fico is a love story to the picturesque Italian countryside. The golden-lighted charm that has inspired generations of artists effortlessly adds beauty and softness to every frame, creating breathtaking images that draw the audience into the story, making them wish they were there. With little effort they will smell the sea, feel the warmth of the sun, and experience the possibility of miracles.